Bikur Cholim Luncheon 2017 – Bikur Cholim

Bikur Cholim Luncheon 2017


This year’s luncheon will be held Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at Toras Emes Congregation, 1 Viewmount Ave. at 11:30. It promises to be a special and meaningful occasion with a program that will be both entertaining and inspiring!


Honouring: Your Mother


Bikur Cholim is giving you a special opportunity to recognize and celebrate the “gifts of kindness” and acts of chesed you learned from your mothers.


Honouring: Mrs. Rifka Parshan


Bikur Cholim is privileged to recognize Mrs. Rifka Parshan, our longest serving volunteer, with the Eishes Chayil Award. Mrs. Parshan’s lifetime commitment to caring for others epitomizes the true essence of chesed. Her unassuming manner and constant devotion continues to inspire her daughters, family, and friends.


The commemorative journal published for the Bikur Cholim luncheon will contain messages and letters written by you, the daughters, dedicated to your mothers.


To RSVP, place an ad, or salute a volunteer please see below.

Deadline for ads: May 22, 2017
Please submit form to:
506 Coldstream Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5N 1Y3

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Diamond Sponsor $5,400 Diamond Page
Emerald Sponsor $3,600 Emerald Page
Sapphire Sponsor $2,500 Sapphire Page
Platinum Sponsor $1,800 Platinum Page
Gold Sponsor $1,500 Gold Page
Silver Sponsor $1,000 Silver Page
Bronze Sponsor $750 Full Page
Pillar Sponsor $500 Half Page
Benefactor Sponsor $360 Quarter Page
Guardian Sponsor $180 Eighth Page
Donor Sponsor $120 Twelfth Page
Greeting $72

All contributions above $25 are tax deductible.
Couvert: $56:00 (not receiptable)

Contributions received by May 17 will be acknowledged in the invitation.