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  • Rooz
  • Baruch Eitz Quarantiners
  • 205 Oxford Street
  • Kaplan Kohanim
  • Winning Woldigers!
  • The Wittys
  • Two PPE’s in a Pod
  • The Birthday Party
  • Horowitz Family
  • Blooming Dreidels
  • Heber Family
  • Weiss Family
  • The Jakubovic Fam
  • The Madlers
  • Menzelefsky Maniacs
  • The Greenies
  • The Cohen Gadol Clan
  • The fRosens
  • The “A” Team
  • Corwintine
  • Kohn Family
  • The Jenah Family
  • The JWERPers
  • Family Time
  • Feintuch Team
  • The Moose Team
  • Team Bohbot
  • The Grosses
  • Wize Hintz
  • The Dreidels
  • The Gabay Fam
  • Fam Jam
  • Frances Family
  • Levy Family
  • Team Oziels
  • The Bees
  • Balter Family
  • A & D
  • Spitzer Bubble
  • Hofstedter Family
  • Simmons Says 
  • Reichmann36
  • The Belle Ewart Bums
  • Bitton Family
  • Grosz Clan
  • Shvester Power Stolzman Et Al
  • Weitz Watchers
  • Orner Family
  • Nadoff Clan 
  • Seidenfeld Family
  • Rotenberg Family
  • Kurtz Family
  • Blaustein Spinners
  • Mandel Family
  • Anshei Emes
  • Young Power 
  • M & J
  • DONUT Mess With Us
  • The Other Hymans
  • Team 46
  • Newman Family
  • The Bohemian Shtieble Hoppers
  • Kushnir Family
  • Gordon-Horowitz Clan
  • Horowitz-Gordon Clan
  • The Shtieblers
  • Belzberg Family
  • The Gestetner Family
  • Team Boeing
  • Better Together
  • Tire Swing Tarzans
  • Leibowitz Fam
  • Skaist Fam
  • Rutman Family
  • Glen Park Gamers
  • Lit Leitmans
  • The Gee Family
  • Weisslets
  • Palm Boomers
  • The Weisz Guys
  • Livin’ La Vida Lockdown
  • K Fam
  • Schwartz Family
  • Urman Clan
  • Sugar Family
  • Maierovits Family
  • Hirschman Family
  • Schattner Squad
  • Rais Family
  • Milevsky whizzes
  • Deutsch Dreams
  • TYH
  • Sonenberg Family
  • Dadoun Family
  • The Pollock Posse
  • The Lowdies
  • Snow White
  • Senderovits Sisters
  • Yehuda’s Maccabees
  • Cereal Killers
  • Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry
  • Secular Scholars
  • Guttman FamJam
  • DEG
  • The Slome Families
  • Messy Maccabees
  • The J-Crew
  • Berkovits Family
  • The KEG
  • Cousin Clan
  • Team Bookbinder
  • FN
  • The Gishes
  • Klein Krew
  • BQ Family
  • Spivak Family
  • Kvitlech Kvetchers
  • Spiegel Crew
  • The Dreidelettes
  • The Gr8 Illumin8
  • Walfish Family
  • Hillhurst HillWoodys
  • Katzin Family
  • Husynni Squad
  • Team Woly
  • The Cohen Family
  • The Savvy Sufgons
  • The Instagamers
  • Fischer Family
  • Families Seliger and Fordsham
  • Weinstock Family
  • The J Family
  • Seryl Einhorn
  • Lebovits Family
  • Bear Masters
  • Phillips Screwdrivers
  • Chana Kleiner
  • Team Weinberger
  • The “Baum”
  • Castlestocks
  • 538MARDERS
  • Team Rosebakr
  • Hiller Family
  • Dizzy Dreidels
  • YYH Business Office Balabustas
  • The Quiz Masters
  • Radcliffe Family
  • Ridiculous Rosses
  • Team KCC
  • The Isaacfunkels
  • The Winners
  • Maccabim
  • The Grens
  • The Coffee Addicts
  • The Haymishers
  • Heller Clan
  • The Sterns
  • Family Brachfeld
  • Novak Family
  • Trivia Troopers
  • Nona’s Ninjas
  • Nussbaum Superstars
  • Brainy Bunch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my children in high school play? 

This game is intended for adults but high school students would definitely have a grand time!

Can I get a tax receipt for this?

Absolutely. You will receive a tax receipt for whichever package you purchase.

Do we play on our own time or is it live?

You can play anytime you’d like within the first 6 nights of Chanukah. Scores must be submitted by the 6th night, at 11:59pm if you want a chance to win the catered Shabbos.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is FREE in the GTA! If you would like to send it as a gift to someone in the U.S, please call the office to arrange. We will charge you for the shipping fee and the amount will be included in your tax receipt.

Is the trivia Chanukah themed?

Nope. There are questions on all topics! Created exclusively for this competition.

How does this game work?

Each team will report a score after playing, so you can play with just your family, or compete between families and compare your scores. All the details of the game will be included in the package!

How can you make teams with Covid other than with those in your house? Does the group of people have to all be in one place to play?

There are a couple of options. You can play with others in your house or your bubble.You can also play virtually, as long as there are two people with the physical game.

What’s in the package?

You will receive a box with everything you need for the game including, the rules, the trivia cards, a few other playing pieces, swag, and a pop of sugar!

How many people can play?

2-8 players

Of course I’m gonna play! But can I volunteer to help as well?

Wow! Yes! We’d love more volunteers! Please call our office if you’d like to volunteer: 416-783-7983.

Looking forward!

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