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Game developed by: Maidy Ehrlichster, Faigy Grunfeld, Esty Hofman, Hadassa Landau, Mirel Meller, Maya Milevsky and Chava Bayla Shorser

Answer to Bonus Question #1: The sun will rise at the same time (6am) because it depends on the earth’s rotation not on the speed of light. 

Answer to Bonus Question #2: They both have “Greece” at the bottom.


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    Bonus Question #1 - Worth 500 Pts

    The distance from the Earth to the Sun is about 100 million miles. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, and light takes eight minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun. Let's say the sun rose at 6am on the first day of Chanukah, and that by some freak of physics the speed of light is suddenly doubled to 372,000 miles a second.
    What time will the sun rise on the second day of Chanukah?

    Bonus Question #2 - Worth 500 Pts

    Why is Europe like a frying pan?
    Hint: Think Yevonim!


    • TYH 11,820
    • Balter Family International 11,160
    • Schattner Squad 9,980
    • Nadoff Clan 9,940
    • Team Bookbinder 9,780
    • Spiegel Crew 9,690
    • Phillips Screwdrivers 9,210
    • Belzberg /Warner Family 9,190
    • Messy Maccabees 9,020
    • Glen Park Gamers 8,980
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