Community Services – Bikur Cholim

Community Services


Getting to and from appointments can be difficult, especially for the elderly or infirm. Bikur Cholim recognizes that transportation can often be as daunting as the visit itself. Our Dial-A-Ride program meets this need by arranging rides for individuals through our volunteer network. Dial-A-Ride provides a means of transportation to many in our community who would otherwise be unable to attend their appointments. We can even accommodate individuals who require wheelchair-accessible transportation in our specially outfitted Bikur Cholim van.


The cost of medical equipment can be overwhelming. Even commonplace items such as wheelchairs and walkers can be beyond the means of many.

Bikur Cholim maintains a gemach for the free lending of medical equipment. Our inventory includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bathroom equipment, and more. We believe that no one who is dealing with a disability of any degree should have to endure the added complication of finding quality medical equipment.


A good spirit is essential to a healthy recovery. Lifting the spirit of those in need is the sole purpose of the Bikur Cholim media library. With over 250 titles, our media library is sure to have something for everyone. The collection includes concerts, plays, speeches, and documentaries in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew.


Whether because of disability or age, many individuals find themselves confined to their home, depriving them of social contact and complicating common chores that most people take for granted.

Bikur Cholim is dedicated to serving these individuals through our volunteer network. Our focus is helping individuals meet the specific challenges their situation presents. We believe that just as each individual is unique and each situation is unique, so too each intervention should be unique. In all cases, however, our mandate is to prevent loneliness, isolation, and helplessness in those members of our community who are homebound.


Bikur Cholim is a proud recipient of grant funding distributed by the Government of Germany through the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Through this allocation, Bikur Cholim can provide services for the benefit of Holocaust survivors and other individuals who were affected by Nazi persecution. Depending on the circumstances of the individual, Bikur Cholim may be able to provide housekeeping, meals, personal care, or other services.


Bikur Cholim maintains an exchange for lightly worn women’s and children’s clothing. To find out more information about the exchange, or to donate clothing, please call the Bikur Cholim office.


Bikur Cholim facilitates an exchange for individuals who need or who wish to give away lightly used home furniture. For more information about this exchange, please call the Bikur Cholim offices.


Bikur Cholim facilitates an exchange specifically for nursery furniture. For more information about this exchange, please call the Bikur Cholim offices.


The birth of a new child is a wonderful and exciting time for a family. It can, however, take some time for mother and baby to transition to this enormously impactful life event.

Bikur Cholim maintains a full-service post-partum convalescent program at the Bikur Cholim house. In addition to quiet and calming surroundings in one of our apartments, Bikur Cholim provides meals and, for a nominal fee, can arrange for a night nurse to help with the new baby. Please call our office to find out more about this program.