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Hospital Services


Bikur Cholim provides kosher meals in Toronto-area hospitals for patients and their family members who require it. Our meals are cooked in-house at Yenta´s Kitchen, where a team of dedicated volunteers assists our Head Chef in cooking, assembling and wrapping our beautiful meal packages. Yenta´s Kitchen offers a wide variety of delicious and nutritious meal combinations, and our Meal Coordinator works closely with patients and hospital staff to accommodate special dietary needs. The Shabbos menu includes all the staples of a home-cooked Shabbos meal. A squad of devoted volunteers makes sure that these meals are delivered right to the patient in the hospital. Yenta´s Kitchen is devoted to the idea that patients should enjoy a taste of home-cooking even when confined to a hospital bed. We work hard to ensure that each and every kosher patient is nourished and satisfied.

Yenta´s Kitchen is certified kosher by the COR.


Bikur Cholim maintains cabinets in several area hospitals containing supplies and provisions to help patients and family members who are in the hospital over Shabbos. These include grape juice, matzoh, battery-powered candlesticks, havdolah kits, chumashim and siddurim.

The cabinets also contain some non-perishable food which can be used on Shabbos or during the week.

Bikur Cholim maintains cabinets at the following hospitals:

Hospital for Sick Children:


Visiting hospital patients lies at the heart of Bikur Cholim´s work. We are committed to doing all we can to prevent and alleviate the isolation and loneliness that can set in during any hospital stay. Bikur Cholim maintains standing groups of volunteers who regularly visit patients at area hospitals.

In addition to visiting with the patients themselves, our volunteers are trained to advocate for the patient to whatever degree they can. This may include bringing patient concerns to the attention of the hospital staff or requesting necessary services for the patients. Hospital visitation also provides Bikur Cholim with an opportunity to determine whether our organization may be able to meet the any of the patient´s other needs. Where appropriate, the volunteer may refer the patient´s case to the Bikur Cholim staff for post-discharge involvement.

From admission to discharge and beyond, Bikur Cholim is there to make sure that no member of our community is ever truly alone.


The Lipman Heller Apartment
Whether you are a family member hoping to be near your loved one in the hospital over Shabbos, or a patient who needs to be in close proximity to the hospital over Shabbos for treatment, the Bikur Cholim is there to help.

The Bikur Cholim Lipman-Heller apartment is located in downtown Toronto, right near the major area hospitals. Below is a map of the apartment, and a chart of the estimated walking times to area hospitals.

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Name of Hospital Walk from Lipman Heller Apt.
Toronto General Hospital 5 minutes
Mount Sinai Hospital 5 minutes
Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) 5 minutes
Toronto Rehab 5 minutes
Womenâ€â”¢s College Hospital 10 Minutes
St. Michaelâ€â”¢s Hospital 15 Minutes
Toronto Western Hospital 20 Minutes
Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre 25 Minutes


The Bikur Cholim House
The Bikur Cholim House, located near the intersection of Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue in North York, houses three fully contained apartments for the use of those who are in town temporarily. For more information about availability at the Bikur Cholim House, please contact our office.


Lighting the Shabbos candles is one of the most cherished traditions in Judaism. Because of hospital safety regulations prohibiting open flames in hospitals, it is hard to carry out this tradition while in a hospital over Shabbos.

Bikur Cholim is committed to ensuring that hospital patients have the opportunity to observe this beloved ritual. We have specially designed electric Shabbos candles that can be used in any hospital or facility, and can be used in place of flame candles.