Whether you are a family member hoping to be near your loved one in the hospital over Shabbos, or a patient who needs to be in close proximity to the hospital over Shabbos for treatment, the Bikur Cholim Shabbos accommodation apartments can help.

1. The Maidy & Lipman Heller Apartment
The Bikur Cholim Maidy & Lipman Heller apartment is located in downtown Toronto, right near the major area hospitals. The Anshei Minsk shul is located nearby at 10 Saint Andrew Street, just off Spadina Ave; roughly a 20 minute walk.

2. Mandelbaum Bikur Cholim Apartment
The Mandelbaum Bikur Cholim Apartment at North York General Hospital has been donated and tastefully furnished לז”נ Kaila Mandelbaum by her husband Mr. Hatzik Mandelbaum, and her children, Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham and Celia Bartfeld, Abie and Sara Rotenberg, Aaron and Michelle Mandelbaum.

3. Sunnybrook Respite Home
The beautifully decorated new townhouse, located directly across the street of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centres, on Bayview Ave. between Lawrence Ave. and Eglinton Ave., was generously donated by the Eisenberger, Gunsburg, Jakubovic and Kohn families in loving memory of R’ Shlomo Yehuda ben R’ Moshe HaCohen A”H, Blima Rivka Aidel bas R’ Daniel A”H, and R’ Menachem Tzvi ben R’ Chaim Yehoshua A”H.

4. The Bikur Cholim House
The Bikur Cholim House is located south of the intersection of Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue in North York. It houses three fully contained apartments for the use of out-of-town patients in need of accommodations during their medical care.

5. The Shaya and Rita Braun Z”L Accessible Apartment
Located on the first floor of the Bikur Cholim House, the Shaya and Rita Braun Accessible Apartment was dedicated in loving memory of Yeshaya ben Simcha HaLevi A”H and Rivka bat Shalom A”H.

Estimated walking times from apartments to hospitals:

Name of Hospital Walk from Maidy & Lipman Heller Apt.
Toronto General Hospital 5 minutes
Mount Sinai Hospital 5 minutes
Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) 5 minutes
Toronto Rehab 5 minutes
Women´s College Hospital 10 Minutes
St. Michael´s Hospital 20 Minutes
Toronto Western Hospital 25 Minutes
Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre 25 Minutes
Name of Hospital Walk from Sunnybrook Respite Home
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 5 minutes
Name of Hospital Walk from Mandelbaum Bikur Cholim Apt.
North York General Hospital 10 minutes