Halachic Power
of Attorney

Halachic Power of Attorney

In an era of rapidly advancing medical treatments, a number of policies, regulations, and treatment protocols involving the care of seriously ill patients have developed in medical centers across Canada that, in many cases, do not align with Jewish law and values.

Unfortunately, some Jewish patients cannot communicate their wishes or values to their treatment provider when they are in this grave state. Without any way of knowing the true wishes of the patient, the hospital and health care providers may make decisions that contradict the dictates of Halacha and violate the patient’s deepest-held values.

One tool in preventing this terrible eventuality is to fill out a “Halachic Power of Attorney.” This document, drafted specifically for Jewish patients, empowers individuals to make their wishes known in advance, and ensures that their values will be respected regardless of their ability to communicate them at the time of treatment.

For this reason, Rabbonim in every community have urged each individual, regardless of age or physical condition, to take a few moments and fill out such a document, which should be kept with your vital documents in case of an emergency.

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